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Kelly May Makeup Artist (Views: 857)
East London, South Africa
Hi There, My name is Kelly May and I am a fully qualified Makeup Artist in the Eastern Cape and a...
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Jeffreys Bay Beach House (Views: 1111)
Jeffreys Bay Beach House is situated in the heart of the Eastern Cape alongside the breathtaking ...
Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa
+27 (0)73 835 5894+27 (0)73 835 5894
+27 (0)73 835 5894+27 (0)73 835 5894
Please take a moment to look at the world through my eyes and see all the beauty I see!
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Island Way Villa (Views: 2701)
2 Hartley Road, Parsons Hill, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
The magnificent Contemporary-styled Island Way Villa is set on the highest ridge in Port Elizabet...
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McWilliams & Elliott (Views: 894)
152 Cape Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
McWilliams & Elliott, acknowledged as one of Port Elizabeth’s Top 50 Companies in 2016 by the...
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174B Cape Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth
Strömbeck Pieterse Attorneys balances a strong, traditional foundation with a modern and versatil...
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Discover Umngazi (Views: 1200)
Port St. Johns Wild Coast
When was the last time you discovered something truly special and unique? A visit to Umngazi is a...
Mpekweni Beach Resort (Views: 1028)
Mpekweni, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Would you prefer more privacy and independence? Then the Fish River Villas, located 10 kms from M...
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Kuzuko Lodge (Views: 1275)
Kuzuko means place of glory in in the Xhosa native language. Once you stand on the restaurant dec...
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Paxton Hotel (Views: 1282)
Carnarvon Place, Humerail, Port Elizabeth, 6001
Paxton Hotel is situated in Port Elizabeth, affectionately known as the ‘Friendly City̵...
Woodbury Lodge (Views: 1101)
About 75 km from Port Elizabeth on the N2 to Grahamstown
Woodbury Lodge consists of seven delightful stone-and thatch lodges. Modern furnishings with a na...
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Jacques Arendt (Views: 1049)
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
You’ve finally found one of the ultimate DJ (music suppliers) and MC Well known Eastern &a...
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My World Creations (Views: 1066)
Seymour Street, South End, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Wedding films have progressed drastically over the years from long boring old VHS tapes to a true...
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Studio 68 Photography (Views: 1435)
East London, South Africa
Studio 68 is a photography studio based in East London, South Africa, although we travel around t...
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Digby Photography (Views: 1312)
6008 Sunridge Park Drive, Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
+27 (0)83 406 3126+27 (0)83 406 3126
+27 (0)83 406 3126+27 (0)83 406 3126
I am a husband and the father of a six-year-old son. Photography has been my passion, my life, my...
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Niki M Photography (Views: 1303)
I remember the way the golden light shone through the trees in the Jubilee Creek forest as I star...
Frame by Frame.jpg
Paradise Beach, Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa
We are Henry & Michele, and wedding photo & video is what we do. And we simply love what ...
Papermaster (Views: 1012)
264 Cape Road, Mill Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Papermaster, situated in Port Elizabeth, specialises in creating exquisite wedding invitations, a...
SJ Florist.jpg
SJ Florist (Views: 1126)
21 Mangold Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Our florists take care to follow all specifications received by you when placing your order and w...
Murambi Roses.jpg
Murambi Roses (Views: 1095)
Murambi Farm G206 Sunrise-On-Sea East London 6191
Roses and flowers for all occasions. 70 000 Roses grown on Murambi Farm which are picked daily an...
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